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Dr David Lindsay, Animal Chiropractor/Veterinarian

Just as humans do, pets get sore backs too.

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Today there are conventional vets in every suburb, they all provide good services and one is not much different to the next except for the fact some are specialising. We have cardiologists and opthalmologists, dermatologists, radiologists and surgeons, all with special qualifications.

There is also a growing group of vets with para-veterinary qualifications there are a number with a diploma in veterinary acupuncture and there are two with a diploma in animal chiropractic.

Animal chiropractic is different I look at X-rays differently to the way I was trained to as a vet, I palpate differently to the way I was trained to as a vet my American tutor at RMIT would say "Ya can't diagnose it if ya fix it." He was saying palpate gently. I treat my patients differently to the way I was trained to as a vet. Now I use fewer drugs. My patients more often than not respond differently to the way they did before.


I am still a veterinary surgeon and I still have the ability to diagnose medical complaints and to perform surgery.

I can still scale and polish teeth, I can lance an abscess and search for grass seeds, I can still desex a dog or a cat and I will accept day surgery cases but I reserve the right to tell you if I am ill equipped to proceed. Further I if a veterinary surgeon refers your pet to me I am ethically obliged not to stray into looking at an unrelated problem.

e.g if your pet is referred for lameness I cannot comment on a dermatitis and if the best treatment was surgical then I would have to send you back to the referring vet to have the surgery performed.